There are a few places left on our second tour to Hungary and Slovakia, led by Farkas Zoltán (Batyu), Toth Ildikó, Stephen & Susan Kotansky!
Our exciting program includes:
*Dance Workshops  (Mohács Serbs, Romanians living in Hungary, Gyimes, Nyirség, Slovak and Ruthenian, Cigány, Szatmár)
*Attendance at Táncháztalálkozó
*Boat excursion to Tihány
*Wellness spa and resort
*Wine tasting in Tokaj
Price: 2070Euros/$2400 ($500 deposit due Oct. 31st, 2018) Includes hotel accommodations, meals, soft drinks, Travel within Hungary & Slovakia .
  For more information please contact:
Susan and Steve Kotansky:


If you have any question please contact us here! 

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